Latest Top 5 quick and easy recipes for kids

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Latest Top 5 quick and easy recipes for kids:- Hello everyone today I will share with you latest Top 5 quick and easy recipes for kids. The every kid want to quick  testy  and healthy food because the kids are always to much hungry. So I will show you Latest Top 5 quick and easy recipes for kids with video. and enjoy the food with your kids.

1.Quick and easy recipes for kids

This recipe is so simple to make good at your home. this recipe can help to pack Tiffin box and easily available all ingredients at home.

The  list of ingredients:- 8 Bread Slices, 1 Small Boiled Potato, 2 tbsp Boiled Corn, 1 Small Onion, 2 tbsp Mayonnaise, 1 ½ tbsp Green Chutney, Salt to taste

For garnishing:-  Tomato Sauce Sev as require.

2.Cheesy Bread Fingers For Kids

The next quick and easy recipe is cheesy bread fingers for kids today kids want cheesy snanks in his or her luchbox in school and also teenagers like cheesy food. today’s kids favorite snak is bread or chees. it is very simple recipe and all ingredients are available at home.

The  list of ingredients:- 1 cup red, yellow, green capsicum and boild corn, 1/2 cup cheese, 1/2tsp mix herbs, salt, bread, butter, green chutney, cheese slises.

3.Pizza Paratha

The next easy and quick recipe is pizza paratha. the every kid Mind dishes is pizza but i share with you how t make a pizza paratha at your home quick and easy. It is a very healthy recipe because pizza paratha including some vegetables.

The  list of ingredients:- Whole wheat flour (atta): 2 cups Grated mozzarella cheese (at room temperature): 1 ¼ cups Chopped bell peppers: ½ cup Chopped onions: ½ cup Corn kernels (at room temperature): ¼ cup Chopped olives: 8-10 Italian seasoning Chilly flakes (optional) Pizza Sauce, Pesto sauce Cooking Oil Salt, Water.

4.Cheese Balls

The awesome and delicious dish is cheese ball. all time favorite of kids it is quick and easy recipe. 

The  list of ingredients:- Greated chees 2/3 cup, maida (all- purpose flour) 2/3 cup, chopped onions 1/4 cup, chilly flakes 1tsp, baking powder 2-3 pinches, chooped coriander leaves 1tsp, thick yougurt 1/4 cup, little italian seasoning, salt.

5.Pizza Canapes Bites

My favorite pizza canapes bites. really my visitors this quick and easy recipes  is too much delicious and so testy I am 100% sure this recipe like your kids. and also used in parties.

The  list of ingredients:- chopped onions, chopped cpsicum red or green, tamato, boiled corns, few jalepenos, salt, 2 tsp mayonnaise for creminess, 2 tsp cheese spread, 2 tsp tamato sauce, red cjilly flakes, oregano, pepper.

So. this is the Latest Top 5 quick and easy recipes for kids. I hope you enjoyed this recipes with your kids and family. if you have a any question please comment.


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