Top10 best way to improve your memory 2018

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best way to increase memory, vitamins to improve memory, best way to increase memory , best way to improve your memory, improve your brain power , things to improve your memory

Top 10 best way to improve your memory 2018:- Many schools and college students are facing memory related problems he or she does not remember properly in an exam they forgetting all at exam and test time. So, today I will share with you Top 10 best way to improve your memory 2018 must read every student this article I hope this article helps you to improve your memory. Now let’s talk about Top10 “best way to improve your memory 2018”

Top10 best way to improve your memory 2018

(1) Take healthy breakfast:- The 1st step to improve your brain power is take healthy breakfast. at morning time body need protein. If you take a good and healthy breakfast you will improve memory power. In breakfast, you will eat a banana, one apple, dry fruits, peanut butter with bread, milk etc to helps you improve your brain power. this a full protein breakfast.

(2) Exercises:- Now the second is exercises is the best way to increase memory because exercises will help your blood to the reached brain fastly. you can choose your exercises like running, skipping, push-ups etc. But I personly suggest you running is the best exercises because after running you Tired and your blood circulates fastly and also breathing fastly From this you take fresh oxygen it mixed with your blood and pumping blood fastly in your body. then you feel fresh and energetic.

(3) Take proper sleep:- According to the research human should take sleep 7 to 8 hours. if you do not take proper sleep you cannot work properly. Do not concentrate on your work. a proper sleep is one type of meditation at sleep time your brain make a sharp brain and Exhausted and stop Thinking. If you have a problem you cannot take proper sleep so, please take professional doctor suggestions and please avoid sleeping tablets because sleeping tablets will Losing losses your brain.

(4) Meditation:- The meditation is a natural way to calm down your brain. Meditation need not any equipments. you should join the meditation classes many classes are freely Teach meditation and today many schools and colleges are compulsory meditation do in class. meditation helps you reduce your stress level and improve your brain power and memory power and feel relaxed.

(5) Play games:- Today all peoples have a smartphone so, you play games like chess, crosswords, puzzles etc. this type all games are available in play store and IOS application. just play to minimum time like 10 to 15 minutes and improve your memory power. the best benefit of you thinks creatively any time any were.

(6) Teach to another:- It is a very beneficial to you teach to another which lets you increase your brain power and also increase your Understanding level. according to research whatever you want to remember read loudly and teach your friend, I guaranteed you remember fastly and easy because you teach in your words and your opinions.

(7) Visually Concept:- Make a scene of what you are reading or listening because the brain is 90% remember in pictures and 10% in words. When you start a reading book you try to remember as a story and assumed that you are part of the story. Defiantly you increase your memory power. Enjoying your study.

(8) Developing your Creativity:-  The next step to improve your memory is developing your creativity. learn new languages, If you are a righty in writing then try to write paragraph left hand and if you are lefty in writing then try to write a paragraph in right hand this exercises helps in developing your creativity and coordinating your hand and brain. if your Hobbies is painting so can make one painting every week or And your suitability like that.

(9) Read Book:- One of the government exam books who is called a reasoning this book is very useful of each and every student they pressuring your brain and they Forcing your brain You have to think out of the box. so many chapters in this book give load your brain and its help your things to improve your memory.

(10)  Yoga:– The yoga change your brain. yoga will not only reduce your stress, Tension, Depression it also helps to protect your Brains from shrinking. The yoga will help you Prevents the left hemisphere of the brain from shrinking, which is associated with positive emotions like excitement and joy

So, this is Top 10 best way to improve your memory 2018  I hope this article will help you if you have any question comment it.


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